Q: Is this page anyhow related to the companies you work/worked in?
A: No, everything I publish here is just my knowledge I gained from various sources and projects I participated on and have no connection to my employer current or previous whatsoever.

Q: Are the configs provided real?
A: Yes, mostly. I have used these config in various cases and they are proven to be working on the specified software version. Some stuff is added from manuals so I cannot guarantee their complete correctness. There are also some parts that I can’t verify (e.g. those on old software I do not have) but those are marked. Generally these configs are not meant to be used in copy&paste manner but more like guidelines

Q: Can you help me with … (some config/setup)?
A: It depends on my current situation and complexity of your problems. If you wish to ask me for help/consultancy see the about page (e-mail contact is at the bottom). 

Q: Can you provide some specific documentation?
A: Not generally as most of it is not meant to be public (marked as classified to internal staff only). What I can provide are specific pages to a specific software version area (e.g. vrp 3.40 QoS operations)

Q: Can I use/translate your articles on my web-page?
A: Yes, but at first I want you to send me short explanation what and where you want to publish if I agree please make sure the re-published article has the following formalities:

  • You have cited my page as source
  • You have linked to the original article
  • If you want to translate it there has to be disclaimer explaining that responsibility for the translations quality and correctness lies upon the interpreter

Q: Can you write about topic X
A:Normally no as explained elsewhere this is a blog about what I am doing and mostly written for my benefit – so unless the request is somehow related to what I do or something I did it is unlikely for me to write about it.

Q:Will there be a forum on this website?
A:Even though I see many hits on the non-existent address forum.kuncar.net I am not completely sure I should actually open a forum as the administrative maintenance required from myself is quite high and there was no direct request/question for it. Also it was original intent of the blog. On the other hand the idea of some information exchange between like-minded people has been always of interest to me. So if there will be real demand I will consider opening it.

Q:I wrote a comment but I cannot see it under the article.
A: Due to the huge amount of spam-bots trying to post rubbish on the site I am keeping all comments from appearing on the web site until they go through an automated check and later though a manual check done by myself. It can happen that valid comments are deleted and the IP address is banned. If you’re banned by mistake please let me know and I will undo the error.

Q:Your writing sucks/your completely wrong/You’re boring etc.
A: Well I am always opened to suggestions for improvement of the content and I actually do update older blog posts with newer information when I find one. If you have suggestion please feel free to comment under the article. If you still don’t like it – don’t read it.