About This Page

All about network is a personal blog with single purpose – It is a place for me to write down stuff I encounter and would forgot soon otherwise. So this place serves me as my own publicly accessed “extended” memory.

The other reason I am doing this is that the Internet sources for some information are scarce (e.g. old  Huawei manuals) so I am posting some pieces of  information to make the life a bit easier for guys who have no other resources. So if it helps somebody it would be great.

About Me

Name: David Kuncar
occupation: Network Engineer (currently working at Ocado)

Fields of interest

  • IP/Ethernet networking (switching, routing)
  • Network design
  • Linux
  • Network testing
  • Network security (firewalls, proxies)

and all computer-related stuff in general

If you wish to see my (almost/never) complete professional profile have a look at my linkedin.com public profile.


For any inquiries please use the following e-mail address: