Q: What has happened to the old articles on this site ?
A: Due to set of unfortunate circumstances I’ve lost most of the content since the beginning of this site so that is why you can’t find them here anymore.

Q: Will you re-publish the old materials ?
A: The one I was able to recover have been re-published the rest is most likely gone forever.

Q: Could you help with xyz?
A: I am more happy to help with something relevant to published article or related topics but my time is very limited so responses might come in couple of days.

Q: Can you upload/link software or documentation for xyz ?
A: I only share documents I’ve created myself or on occasions some public ones nothing else.

Q: Are you freelancing/contracting/available for job-related discussion ? 
A: Generally no as I am full-time employed. If you still think that there is some opportunity I should definitely consider – feel free to contact me.

Q: Is anything on this page related to work you do and/or your employer ? 
A: Short answer is no. The longer one is that obviously I am network engineer so there is some general overlap in the topics but none of them have anything to do with clients I deal with currently or dealt with in the past.