Old and new SRX VPN througput

juniper Juniper has recently released a hardware refresh on the SRX branch firewall series and I had the chance to run IPsec throughput tests on them. Fortunately I also have test results for the same setup for the older devices (srx110, srx210) so I can make a comparison between those two platforms.

For various reasons the declared numbers in the marketing materials for all vendors… Continue reading

Basic IPsec tunnel on Juniper’s SRX

juniperThis article is a first part of a mini-series about the Juniper’s branch router-firewalls – the SRXes. I will start with an simple example of how to build a simple VPN between two branch routers later I will do a cisco-to juniper VPN scenario and the last article will be comparing real vs. the advertised throughput.

The example I am… Continue reading

Using vconfig to set vlan tagged interface with 802.1p CoS priority bits set

tux This is just quick how-to on setting up vlan interface on a Linux system. As this is in lengths described elsewhere I will stick just to the commands and brief explanations.

The first thing to do is to get the “vlan” package as it is not normally installed. The other bit is the 8021q kernel module which is not normally loaded but… Continue reading

Multiple permanent linux interfaces with dhcp allocated addresses

tuxRecently I have been doing some on the HP 5500EI including a port security feature limiting the number of MAC addresses to 8. This is not a difficult configuration at all – in fact it is just one command on the interface itself .
mac-address max-mac-count 5
So now with the limit in place I would like to test it. The first thought… Continue reading

EtherSam (Y.1564) explained

This is the last article (at least for now) from the series about testing methodologies and testing standards. I will cover some bits and pieces in the region of testing in general but it won’t be as heavy on the theory as I want to write some “hands-on” scenarios for combined use of Wireshark and PackEth as well as about some… Continue reading