Bit Errror Rate Test (BERT) explained

This article will be rather short in comparison with the others in the mini-series about various Ethernet/IP testing methods but it is one that is necessary as Bit Error Tests have a long tradition in telco environment (circuit based networks) but are still quite valid even in nowadays packet networks – at least for some specific cases. So without further delay… Continue reading

RFC2544 Testing explained

ietf-logoThis next article in this mini-series about testing Ethernet/IP networks I will write about one of the most common test – the RFC2544  “Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices”. The purpose of this test is quite often misunderstood even though it is clearly stated in the introduction of the standard itself. So let’s start with… Continue reading

PackEth tutorial part II – The Gen-B,Gen-S and PCAP options

PackEthThis is a Second part of an article I have written some time ago about the great tool called PackETH.  This article will be much shorted as it will be focused on the less complicated (but not useful!) modes of the tool.

In the previous par I have described how to build… Continue reading

PackEth tutorial part I – The Inetrface and The Packet Builder

PackEthIn my previous post I have mentioned ingenious piece of software called PackEth and I have also promised that will write up a separate article about it as I just think this amazing tool deserves as much attention as I can give it.  So what this software do?  Well let me quote the author ” PackETH is GUI and

How to capture, analyze, create and replay ethernet traffic

I have decided to write up new article after long time of silence as I think this is a topic that many engineers are facing on fairly regular basis but finding solutions to the simple and interconnected questions is rather time consuming and not exactly simple. Let me stress at the beginning that most of the tools mentioned below are free or cheap and all of them are… Continue reading