ex4600 route leaking (Trident II)

This is a just a very short article about limitations and options with route leaking on the ex4600 switch. This switch is base on the Trident II chip manufactured by Broadcom. It is not very new but  it is still a solid piece of silicon used by many platforms across the vendors (Arista, Cisco Juniper). In case of Juniper it is used in the QFX5100 and the EX4600. The EX4600 is classified as an aggregation switch for offices or small DCs so there are rather serious limitations on what you could expect from the device as from all the members of EX switch family. read more

IPerf testing considerations

So after long deliberations I have decided to write this article about iperf. Let me preface this with a statement that I like iperf very much and use it very often as it has many valid uses. You can find loads of tutorials on how to use it all over the internet but this article has very different aim.Here I would like to explain proper use-cases of this tool and some limitations and caveats one should be aware of while using software based testing (which iperf is prime example of). There are many version of iperf in the wild but the topics discussed below are valid for all of them to some degree. read more

MTU and TCP MSS clamping

So I have had many conversation over the years in regards of that is MTU and how does it work and what is the relationship between frame/packet/datagram sizes. Despite the fact that this is actually fairly simple there seems to be a lot of confusion on this topic so that is why this article come about. read more

How (not) to interview – part I

This Article will be bit unusual for this blog as it is not about any technology but it is about my experience with interview process. I had the opportunity of experiencing it from both sides many times and quite intensively during the last year or so. And I made quite a few observations that I think are worth sharing. read more